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Gear - 5th. Overdrive 25mm inside diam.Gear - 5th. Overdrive 25mm inside diam.

Gear 5th. Overdrive 25mm inside diam.

Partnumber: 05-0870
€ 65,00

24 Tooth 5th. Pinion Gear. Replaces 23T 5th. pinion gear (OEM Ref.# 341-17151-04)
Gear fits to stock location and makes fifth gear taller (higher top speed in fifth but less torque and less vibration) but ratios in lower gears remains the same so that acceleration & torque in lower 4 gears remains the same. Cases must be split to install. This is a "Race" part and carries no warranty other than for defects in materials.
Fits: XS650's 1978 - 1984 Only!
Note: Yamaha changed the shape of transmission gear teeth from 78 on and this is indicated by lines cut into the crest of each tooth.


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