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XS Performance Ignition Coil [ price 1 piece]XS Performance Ignition Coil [ price 1 piece]

Ignition Coil XS Performance [ price 1 piece]

Partnumber: 17-6807
€ 40,00

Single Tower XS Performance High Output Ignition Coil 3.3 OHM
Primary Resistance.
15K OHM Secondary Resistance.
Capable of sustained 45KV output with 12.5v DC input.
Capable of sustained 75KV output with 14v DC input.
Replaces stock contact point ignition coils on All 1970 & up models and works with Pamco 270/ 277 engine rephase ignitions. Requires 7mm. Dia. High tension spark plug wires (order separate) and 5K OHM spark plug cap.
Warning: Serious High Voltage.

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