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Boyer Bransden Digital IgnitionBoyer Bransden Digital Ignition

Ignition CDI Boyer Bransden

Partnumber: HT-0005
€ 220,00
Description Boyer Bransden Micro Power Micro Digital Ignition System - Features: Programmed digital advance curve, Low power draw, special high output coil (45KV). Replaces Points Ignition or Yamaha TCi systems.
Fits: All XS/TX650's 1970-84. Includes all items shown. For step by step install instructions (with photo's) go to - see images & info #165.
Coil mounting bracket will have to be fabricated. If you have an 80-84 with factory Tci ignition, you will need to purchase and install the internal cam bushing sets from a points model (Listed below).
System does not use any of the old factory ignition components and its triggering mechanism is located in/by the camshaft (where point system components are/were).
Carb fuel mixture may have to be richened due to greatly improved combustion efficiency provided by this high output system.
System requires a switched + power supply of 12.5 volts (at ignitor & Coil). Final timing must be set with a timing strobe light. System parts will not interchange or replace any parts from earlier Boyer ignition systems.
Note: If you originally have an electronic ignition equipped bike, also orderpart #05-0032 below (required to mount the ignition rotor).


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