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Frequently asked questions

- Do you also sell parts for TX 650 bikes?
For simplicity we only use the model description ‘XS 650’ on our website and webshop. For the years 1973 and 1974 that description also relates to the TX 650 and TX 650-A.
In 1973 Yamaha changed the name of the 650 twin from XS 650 to TX 650. That happened in relation to the introduction of the new Yamaha TX 750 twin in that year. Significant reliability problems affected the engines of the TX 750 in early bikes. Yamaha made several changes to solve the problems but the bike was withdrawn from most markets after 1974 and production stopped in the Japanese market after 1975. To prevent further reference to the failed TX 750 after 1974 Yamaha 650 twin models were referred to as XS 650 again.

- Which parts are suitable for other motorbikes?
We deliver MAINLY parts for Yamaha XS 650 and TX 650. If parts can be used in other motorbikes, it will be indicated explicitly.

- What is the price for rebuilding an engine?
The price will be between € 750,- and € 2000,-. We can only determine the exact price after inspection. Diagnosing a single engine costs € 100,-. Deliver the engine clean without oil and mud!

- How much oil does a XS / TX 650 need?
Between 2,5 (Manufacturer) and 2,7 liters oil, if all filters are taken out and drained.
XS1, type without starter engine, 3 liters.

- What type of oil does a XS / TX 650 need?
We advise 20W50 mineral oil suitable for wet clutch.
Only with totally rebuild engines: half synthetic of full synthetic oil 10W50 of 15W50.

- Why is this webshop only in English?
Heiden Tuning is a Dutch company that operates internationally. That’s why this webshop is in English.
To accommodate Dutch customers a small Dutch – English dictionary with technical terms is available here.
To accomdate French customers a small French - English dictionary with technical terms is available here


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