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Frequently asked questions

- Which parts are suitable for other motorbikes?
We deliver MAINLY parts for XS 650. If parts can be used in other motorbikes, it will be indicated explicitly.

- What is the price for rebuilding an engine?
The price will be between € 750,- and € 2000,-. We can only determine the exact price after inspection. Diagnosing a single engine costs € 100,-. Deliver the engine clean without oil and mud!

- How much oil does a XS 650 need?
Between 2,5 (Manufacturer) and 2,7 liters oil, if all filters are taken out and drained.
XS1, type without starter engine, 3 liters.

- What type of oil does a XS 650 need?
We advise 20W50 mineral oil suitable for wet clutch.
Only with totally rebuild engines: half synthetic of full synthetic oil 10W50 of 15W50.

- Why is this webshop only in English?
Heiden Tuning is a Dutch company that operates internationally. That’s why this webshop is in English. To accommodate Dutch customers a small Dutch – English dictionary with technical terms is available here.


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